LIDAR Report

Headline Figures: • The global LiDAR market is expected to reach $1,809.5M by 2023 from $819.1M (2018), at a CAGR of 17.2% • The European LiDAR market is anticipated to grow to $324M by 2024. The market growth is expected at the CAGR of 12.28% in the forecast period 2017-2024 To read the full report click here.


The 5G Hype vs Reality

The 5G hype Mobile World Congress ’18 drew to a close a few weeks back with many participants drunk on the 5G hype. The question is, how bad will the hangover be and is there a hangover cure? It was hard to find a stand that did not have “5G” printed on it, and for the big three (Ericsson, Nokia, …

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Photonics Report

Narinda Kapany “the father of fiber optics” commenced his pioneering research in fiber optics at the Imperial College London, working with Harold Hopkins, an English physicist. In 1954 he demonstrated for the first time at its Department of Physics that light can travel in bent glass fibers. It quickly became know that light could travel considerable distances in such fibers …

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CLEO Presentation

Who we are Research led investment bankers Negotiation professionals with backgrounds in industry and investment banking Over $10.5 billion in transactions with growth technology companies Footprint in London, Silicon Valley and Shanghai – majority of transactions are cross-border To read the full report click here.