Sell My Company – When, Where And How Should I Go About This?

Sell my company – and the decision to begin the process – is an issue most successful business owners will face at some stage in the development of their company. Every business is unique, and therefore the circumstances and terms of its sale will be unique too. But if you have started thinking about your exit strategy from your existing company, you will want to know where to start. The end goal is all about realising the maximum value of what will likely be your biggest asset, so here, we outline the broad passage the process takes. We cover everything from why you might decide to sell your business to how to go about it.

Sell My Company

How To Sell My Company – When Do I Know That The Time Is Right?

Perhaps you have been wondering how do I sell my company for a while now. In truth, smart business owners will have been thinking about this question since the day they first set their companies up. But there are often three main prompts for a change of this magnitude.  The first is when the business has reached proportions where freeing up money either to ensure you get a good return for your investment or to expand the business further is the next logical, or indeed necessary, step. The larger your business grows, the greater the risk of something going wrong and it all falling down around your ears. Rather than wait for this to happen, you should always be thinking, can I sell my company now to ensure my own, and its, future success? Another scenario where you should be asking yourself how to sell my company, is if you are becoming more risk averse. In the early stages, you’ll have been prepared to take greater risks to get the company off the ground. After all, there is little to lose at this stage. But if you’ve lovingly nurtured your small business into a larger, more profitable one, you could be less willing to take risks on new strategies. At this stage, it could be a smart move to exit your investment and let someone else take on the reins. And finally, perhaps you are eager to move on. Maybe you’d like to retire, or spend your time on a new challenge. If this is the case, then selling up is the right option.


On a day to day basis, you will have set targets and financial goals for your business that you and your teams are continuously working to achieve. And this should be no less the case when you have evaluated the options and made the decision: I want to sell my company. You should develop clear aims for the sale of your business and that means getting the following three factors right from the outset. These are establishing the right timescale for the sale; preparing your company so it’s ready to sell; and determining how you will ensure you find the right calibre of potential buyers. In terms of the first factor, timing is crucial. You need to sell at a time when the business is in a good state and there are prospects for growth – this will make it a far more attractive proposition. You should also consider your own goals – when you want to retire for instance, or be free to pursue that next opportunity. Preparing the business for sale entails ensuring it will stand up to the close scrutiny any potential buyer is likely to pay to it, and can include everything from the most major to the smallest of details. Before you go public and say, ‘I want to sell my UK based company’, are the books and records in good order, is the right technology in place, do you have the right personnel at the executive level? Even minor aspects like ensuring all filings and documentations are up to date will assist in increasing the sale potential, the price, and the speed with which any sale can be carried out.


The third factor referred to above is how to find the right potential buyers for your company when you’ve determined, ‘I want to sell my company’. You may well be a highly experienced business owner who’s set up and grown one or more highly successful businesses, but it is a mistake to think that you will be able to decide appropriately ‘where to sell my company’ without assistance from an experienced professional adviser. To maximise the potential value and to promote your business effectively in the right markets, it’s always advisable to find an experienced professional broker. Although it may cost a little more in the short term, the long term rewards are clear. If you are spending the many hours it will require to successfully sell a technology company, for instance, then that is taking time away from the daily running of the business itself. And there’s no more important time when your full attention should be focused on ensuring your company is running smoothly and efficiently than when you’re advertising it for sale; particularly with all the scrutiny from potential purchasers that this process involves. Marketing a company for sale to best effect requires extensive expertise in valuing the business; screening potential purchasers for suitability and to weed out time wasters; and handling the resulting negotiations with firm prospects. Not doing this wholeheartedly or doing so without the right level of experience means you risk selling your business – and yourself – short in the final deal. If you want a professional adviser that is vastly experienced in achieving the right outcomes for business sellers, you need Renevo Capital Limited.

Sell My Company At The Right Time, With The Best Outcomes, With Renevo Capital Limited

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