Why Us?

Renevo Capital Limited is focused on effectively generating a return on your investment. We do this by focusing our corporate advisory expertise on the four main components that leverage value in your technology business and are the foundations of the work we do.


We’re focused on helping growth-orientated, highly technical businesses maximise their market value and successfully execute their investment or exit strategy. As well as experience in the investment banking world, our deal leads also have the wisdom of founding, managing, and successfully exiting their own technology businesses. They have all operated at C-level in large global corporate technology companies.

The team at Renevo Capital understands your business, your product, your market and your customer.


Success isn’t generated by chance. It takes expertise and experience to deliver results time and time again. At Renevo Capital, we leverage tried and tested tools and processes that are designed to maximise the value of your business and the value you take from working with us. We’re personable, we care, and we do what we say we will.


With decades of experience in investment banking, the Renevo Capital team excel in the corporate finance world. Each and every member of the global Renevo Capital team knows which levers to pull — and when to pull them — to deliver maximum value to your business.

Deal Negotiation

Having worked and lived across the world, we have a unique contact network into acquirers and investors — both to their operational divisions as well as Corporate Development. As professionally trained and confident negotiators leading deliberations alongside the world’s biggest businesses, we close the right deal — the right deal for you, the right deal for the business, and the right deal for the investors. We understand and accommodate both the business objectives and the personal objectives involved, and we fight your corner until the deal is done.


Global Reach

Renevo has core teams based in the three key technology markets, Europe, North America, and Asia. Our international focus and local connections are effectively employed for all of our activities.


What we do

Renevo Capital is focused on delivering corporate finance advisory services to the "digital stack". This comprises the Materials, Process, Electronics, Photonics and semiconductor industries, along with Communications, Software, and Internet Services industries. Our technical strengths and expertise generate the most value to companies with high growth potential in advanced technology industries, who are looking to capitalise on their potential.

RCL focuses on the following transaction types:

  • Sell-side & Buy-side M&A
  • Divestitures
  • Capital Raise
  • Entrepreneur Transitions
  • 3rd Party Valuation for Stakeholders
  • Venture Capital Secondary Directs

Technology businesses internationalise much earlier in their growth cycle than other businesses. This means that potential investors and acquirers are likely to be global, so good awareness and influence in the key international technology regions is required.

RCL has an enviable connection to C-level executives of tier 1 and 2 strategic and financial investors in the technology sector by maintaining strong relationships using our global reach. We leverage our network to connect you to companies that can see the upward potential of your business and subsequently value it appropriately, wherever they are in the world.

To ensure the successful execution of your exit or investment strategy, our partners are hands-on throughout the process, working side by side with your C-Level team and board to guarantee your business delivers on its potential.

How we do it

All businesses are unique, just as all investment banking and corporate finance solutions are bespoke to the stakeholders of the organisations involved.

Renevo Capital stands by your side throughout the entire transaction process, from initial discovery to completion, ensuring your result is one that is understood, agreeable, and delivers for you and your business.

The success we have had in the investment banking sector, at all stages over multiple economic cycles, is built on a solid delivery process.


Our process leverages our expertise across the technical and financial specialisms involved to generate the maximum value for your business in any transaction. It encompasses our four core principles as the foundations of why we can deliver the optimal deal for you and your business.

We align our goals to our client’s goals. As a result, we’re transparent in how we work with you, we’re honest when we work with you, and we are only satisfied when you succeed.