How To Sell My Company – Choosing A Broker With The Right Connections

How to sell my company for the maximum gain for all concerned might be a question you are asking yourself if you have decided the time is right to consider exiting from the business you own. Very few business owners who’ve nursed their companies from an initial idea to a successful going concern have sufficient expertise – or the dispassionate view that’s required – to carry out the process effectively. So, if you’re wondering ‘How do I sell my company and make the best of it?’, you’re best advised to find an expert broker to handle the minutiae and the deal itself. But what should you be looking for?

How To Sell My Company

What Can Go Wrong If I Try To Sell My Company Through The Wrong Broker?

The right broker combines skills, experience, and contacts to ensure that you get the best possible sale price for your business. This should reflect your hard work and give you the liquidity you need, either to retire comfortably or to fund your next venture. They’ll ensure the sale is enacted in the shortest possible timeframe too. Selecting the wrong broker could mean that you don’t realise your investment’s full value or worse, that there’s no sale at all. If you’re wondering how can I sell my company without getting sold short, you must look for a broker with specialist experience in your field. So if you run a technology business, for instance, look for a demonstrable track record in selling businesses similar to your own. And that doesn’t just go for the purpose of your business: you should also ascertain when asking any potential broker how to sell my company that they have worked within the price range you’re hoping to sell your business for; and in the same geographical market too.


When asking a prospective broker how do I sell my company, it’s perfectly legitimate to ask for contact information for previous clients of theirs, so you can take up references. It’s well worth following these up and asking what their experience was like, the broker’s communication throughout the process, how any problems were addressed and what the predicted and actual outcome was. It’s invaluable to gain an impression of whether this broker will be realistic and honest about all aspects of the sale, particularly price. If your broker overvalues your business because he thinks it’s what you want to hear, then at best, the process might encounter delays. At worst, you might never achieve the sale you want. You should also check that the broker has expert assistance from lawyers, accountants, and other professionals, as well as being able to demonstrate a vast range of contacts within your potential target market, both in sphere of operation and in geographical terms.


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