Solar Industry Report

The Sun shines brightly on the Solar industry…..

It is within reach…
If you covered an area of 335 square kilometres in the Great Saharan Desert (covering only 1.2% of its landmass) with solar panels, you could produce 100% of the world’s electricity needs1. Practically possible? Currently not, but it does show that with a little planning, ingenuity, and financing (costs significantly less than the bailouts of banks in 2008), you can produce the world’s energy needs in a distributed and easily accessible manner, very simply, with solar energy. However, we do not suggest that the world should run on solar energy alone. There are horses for courses, and for examples in the most northern and southern hemispheres, where the sun is weaker, wind and other renewable energies will be more suitable. Solar however, is becoming, and has the potential, to be a very important part of the renewable energy mix in the post carbon era.

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