Per Selbekk


Per has approximately 30 years of experience in the telecoms and IT industry. He has advised tier 1 telcos across the globe on new and innovative products and services, BSS and OSS applications, and customer experiences, amongst other things. He has also worked with several smaller start-up companies. Per was also instrumental in the divestiture of the Symbian development team from Nokia to Accenture, which involved more than 2,000 people and a 5 year cooperation programme between the two companies. He has, on a number of occasions, assessed companies on behalf of VCs/PEs in sales and fundraising situations.

As a VP at Nokia Per was responsible for the development of the Symbian Operating System. He managing over 2,000 staff in more than 15 locations across the globe.  Prior to this, he was IT Development Director at the mobile operator Three UK for 4 years. At Three he contributed to state-of-the-art BSS/OSS solutions, which built on many best-in-class applications, and scaled the company’s IT infrastructure ahead of rapid customer growth.

He has previously held European CIO roles for telecoms provider Carrier1 and UUnet as well as positions in management consulting including assisting new ISPs launch their new services in the ‘90s. The most prominent of those launches was BluFin (Swisscom).

Per has an MBA from Oslo Business School and an MIM from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona.