2022 RCL Automotive LiDAR Report (English & Chinese)

LiDAR systems no longer resemble clunky cylinders attached to the roof of a vehicle. The state-of-art automotive LiDAR now looks very different.

Automotive LiDAR today accounts for just a small part of all LiDAR applications. However, automotive LiDAR will soon become the dominant application.

Multiple factors are triggering a rapidly growing industry curve:
• Automakers demand for L2 partially autonomous vehicles
• Improvements in Cost and Ease of Manufacture
• Wider market acceptance as leading players go public and target mergers

As such, this report is focused on automotive LiDAR, not generic LiDAR in all of its applications.

There are a number of autonomous driving companies with in-house LiDAR capability. These companies are mostly in the US and of a much bigger size compared to pure-play LiDAR companies. This report includes these companies in the overviews but excludes them in the case of financial statistics as their size distorts the analysis.

This report provides useful data and insight from technical, commercial and financial aspects for participants of LiDAR, optic, semiconductor, electronics industries and affiliate investors.

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